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I'm Erikan obotetukudo.

I help companies expand globally - to date across 5 continents for the likes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Exxon Mobile, Condé Nast, Linkedin and more. I also speak across the globe on emerging market expansion, branding & media, networking & career, & cross-cultural leadership. 

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I'm driven to audaciously disrupt the status quo.

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Action-driven speaking

Activate your audience, company, or team with my electric, raw, & actionable talks. 

Going Global: sales strategy across borders

There's no playbook for going global. A clear value prop, localized sales and marketing strategy, & trust are a great start. Let's do it together.


Connect with leading Black/African gamechangers solving the world's biggest challenges.  

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See your vision, products, and greatness across leading media outlets worldwide.